More than 60,000 let the sunshine in at UTLA rally

UTLA members closed out the first week of our historic strike with a raucous and joyful rally with parents and students in front of City Hall, just steps away from where UTLA was bargaining with LAUSD. After four rainy days on the picket lines, the rally crowd basked in the sunshine and in the power of the collective movement we have built.

“UTLA, do you feel your power?” UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl asked the crowd, estimated at more than 60,000. “You have taken over the city of Los Angeles, in the streets and on the picket lines. The last five days have achieved many things, and the biggest is that it has stunned the billionaire privatizers.”


Strike Day 3: Strike Lines Holding Strong

By the numbers:
30,000+ UTLA members signed in on picket lines across LA
12,000+ parents and community members join, highest total so far
Public education luminary Diane Ravitch and musician/actor Steven Van Zandt walking with students, parents and teachers at Hamilton High.
Tens of thousands of members, parents and students flooded the streets and rallied at each of seven regional actions throughout LA.
100: percentage of LAUSD schools with teachers on strike.

The district has confirmed it is ready to return to the bargaining table at City Hall tomorrow. We met with Mayor Eric Garcetti today and he has offered to mediate in an effort to help us work toward an agreement.


DAY 2:  LA vs. Billionaires

 By the numbers:
30,000+ UTLA members signed in on picket lines across LA, more than Day 1, thousands of supportive parents
100: percentage of LAUSD schools with teachers on strik
50,000+ people at the rally at Charter School Lobby, CCSA, demanding charter accountability and an end to privatization of our public schools.
82: Percentage of Los Angeles County families who support a teacher strike (Loyola Marymount University survey released today)

More than 30,000 teachers and their supporters returned to the picket lines across LAUSD on the second day of the largest teacher strike in US history. The fight for the soul of public education continued as educators and their supporters called out the billionaires who are trying to dismantle and privatize our public schools.


DAY 1: Teacher Rebellion Floods LA

By the numbers:
30,000 UTLA members signed in on picket lines across LA
900+ school sites participated – every school in LA joined the strike
10,000+ parents, students and community members joined on the picket lines.
50,000+ people march to LAUSD HQ, demanding action

Los Angeles flooded with public education supporters, demanding a reinvestment in our public schools. Not just a declaration and show of support for public education and teachers, but a rebuke of Austin Beutner’s agenda to starve and privatize our schools.Teachers quickly rebutted Beutner’s lies when he said only 3,500 teachers were on strike. This was an attempt to minimize the impact and power of our action. This is what UTLA members have been subjected to: lies and deception from an employer who continues to disrespect educators and students. UTLA leaders tonight call on members, parents and the community to hold even stronger picket lines tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we strike

Our strike begins tomorrow with three critical actions
7 a.m. pickets at every school
10:30 a.m. rally and march starting at Grand Park/City Hall
pickets at every site in the afternoon
That rally and march, even in the rain, is the aerial photo we need for all of the media that will help shape the narrative for our strike. We need absolutely everyone at the rally.

Be sure to report to your site every day at 7 a.m. All principals are going to be directed to report what picket lines look like outside their schools. It dramatically increases our leverage when they report that all educators are on the line, alongside parents, community, and other allies.

After years of neglect and disrespect, we are going to win. We are going to make history. See you on the picket lines.`

Superior Court Judge Confirms UTLA can strike on Monday, Jan. 14
Beutner fails to stop strike for third time

Today a Superior Court judge reaffirmed what UTLA has known all along – that UTLA notified LAUSD properly and has a legal right to strike. This latest ruling follows two previous attempts to get an injunction that have also been thrown out.

Quote from UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl: “Regardless of Austin Beutner’s attempts to take away our legal right to strike, our ability to act collectively as a union is not just confirmed by a Superior Court judge but by our members coming together to fight for what’s right in this moment; our students who deserve so much more than Beutner’s austerity agenda; and our parents and community, who join us in our belief that public education in Los Angeles must be saved now.”

Donate To Solidarity Fund

Please consider making a contribution to the Los Angeles Teacher/Parent Strike Solidarity Fund to support the strike by donating to Reclaim Our Schools Los Angeles. If there is a strike, Reclaim Our Schools LA will be engaging parents and community in support of UTLA and our broader, collective campaign. CLICK HERE 

Strike date set for Monday, Jan. 14

While we believe we would eventually win in court against all of Austin Beutner’s anti-union, high-priced attempts to stop our legal right to strike, in order for clarity and to allow members, parents,  and our communities to plan, UTLA is moving the strike date to Monday, January 14.

UTLA will hold a Facebook live press briefing with Alex Caputo-Pearl, after negotiations, around 5 p.m. READ MORE


LOS ANGELES —  UTLA is going to court this week to respond to yet another threat of desperate legal action by LAUSD. Depending on the outcome, and if no agreement is reached, the Jan. 10 strike date could be moved a few days later. On Friday, the federal court threw out Beutner’s attempt at an offensive special education injunction to stop a strike, and we expect PERB to dismiss his request for another injunction based on unsubstantiated bad faith bargaining claims in the next few days. READ MORE

Federal Court throws out LAUSD’s request for strike injunction against special ed teachers
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Today, less than 24 hours after it was filed, a federal court denied LAUSD’s request to stop special education teachers from joining their colleagues on strike.

“The court’s swift and decisive action shows just how desperate a move this was,” said UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl. “Austin Beutner knew he didn’t have a legal leg to stand on but he went ahead anyway, spreading fear and confusion among the public, our members, special education students and families. The scare tactics must end now.” READ MORE

LAUSD legal move uses vulnerable students as pawns

By filing federal court papers today to try to prevent special education teachers from striking, LAUSD is pursuing the legal equivalent of a Hail Mary pass and is using our most vulnerable students as pawns. READ MORE

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