Our Fight

Reduce Class Size

LAUSD’s class sizes are among the biggest in California. Students have a better chance to succeed with smaller classes.

Improve School Safety

LAUSD is denying our students the supports they need to succeed. LAUSD must provide them with more access to nurses, counselors, school psychologists, and more.

Less Testing and More Teaching

Unnecessary standardized testing reduces critical instructional time, and low-income students of color are the most affected. LAUSD must allow educator discretion in testing.

Invest in Community Schools

LAUSD must invest in successful strategies that uplift neighborhood schools. The Community Schools model, with increased parent engagement, broadened curriculum, and wraparound services, is proven to improve student outcomes.

Support Students and Families

LAUSD is the second-largest school district in the nation and one of the most diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, and socio-economic status. To ensure that all students at LAUSD succeed, the district must leverage its resources to meet our students where they are, which includes providing supports beyond instruction in the classroom and respecting our students’ basic rights.

Charter School Oversight

Unchecked expansion of the charter industry drains millions of dollars away from neighborhood schools and creates equity and transparency problems. LAUSD must protect neighborhood schools by regulating charter industry growth and charter school co-locations onto neighborhood schools.

Fund Our Schools

California is the richest state in the nation, yet ranks 43 out of 50 states in per-pupil funding. LAUSD must fight at the local, state, and national level to increase funding to $20,000 per student by 2020.

Fair Wages Now

LA’s high cost of living is causing a teacher shortage. LAUSD must offer teachers a fair wage increase.