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Setting the record straight, charter co-location is harming our kids

Setting the record straight, charter co-location is harming our kids

The LA Times recently wrote an article about the contentious battle between LAUSD neighborhood schools and the corporate-sponsored charter schools that are attempting to co-locate onto our campuses.  The article left out many important details. As a teacher at Sunrise, I am here to set the record straight.


LOCKED OUT; Families & educators trying to deliver petitions to @lausd_ldc signed by more than 2,000 Trinity community members but the doors are locked. Keep Trinity open! @suptlaschools #NoSchoolClosures #WeArePublicSchools #SaveTrinity UTLAnow photo
“My daughter matters. Her classmates matter. Don’t close our home. Don’t close Trinity” —Trinity parent Johana Flores @lausd_ldc @suptlaschools #NoSchoolClosures #WeArePublicSchools #SaveTrinity UTLAnow photo
“Our schools offer more than just education to our students. Our schools are our students’ second homes. They are our students’ safe places” —Stacie Webster, 5th grade teacher at West Vernon ES and UTLA Central Area Chair @lausd_ldc @suptlaschools #NoSchoolClosures UTLAnow photo


Equity is essential, but a Student Center Funding formula could do more harm than good. It doesn't value neighborhood schools because all funding is portable. It will continue the trend of schools in Black and Brown communities losing students and... (1/2) ReclaimLASchls photo
LAUSD is proposing a dramatic change to how our schools are funded. The LAUSD school board will vote on this proposal on Tuesday, Sept. 14th. Please join us on Sept. 1 for our Town Hall discussion on how this new funding model will impact our traditional neighborhood schools. ReclaimLASchls photo