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“They threw rocks at a wasp’s nest”

Widespread opposition to a charter company moving onto campus has sparked a fierce push-back from Catskill Elementary in Carson. Just as UTLA was heading into our strike, the Catskill community got wind that GANAS charter corporation had been offered space on their campus, threatening the well-rounded programs the school has built for their students.

How to talk to friends and family about Measure EE

As our strike demonstrated, when educators talk about what students need, people listen. Here’s an FAQ to guide conversations with friends and family to encourage support on June 4 for this critically needed measure. The funding status quo is unsustainable, and Measure EE is one step to turn things around. 

LA School Voice with Alex Caputo-Pearl

Today’s LA School Voice Live with Alex: update on retro pay, Sacto strike, and parents and teachers on front lines in fights against co-location and for charter accountability. #wearepublicschools #UTLAstrong

Colocation Fightback: Charter company not welcome at CATSKILL elementary

In the heart of the city of Carson in Southern California, a fight is brewing to save much-needed resources for students and the community. Catskill elementary classrooms and resources are being threatened by the charter company Ganas, Inc., which has initiated the process to co-locate onto the Catskill campus against the wishes of the community.

LA School Voice with Alex Caputo-Pearl

Watch the broadcast* every Monday *Broadcasts will run till the end of the school year. Live on social media @4pm     Send us an email, ask Alex questions:     Ad paid for by Political Action Council of Educators, Sponsored by...

New charter school’s possible campus-sharing with Carson elementary school causes rising tension between LAUSD, charter opponents

The latest battle brewing in the Southland charter school debate erupted this week, when nearly 100 parents, teachers, students and other community members gathered at Veterans Park, in Carson, to protest district plans to offer a portion of Catskill Avenue Elementary School to the newly formed Ganas Academy Charter School in the fall. #SaveCatskill #HarborArea #UTLAStrong #WeArePublicSChools

Student leader Adrian De La Cruz: ‘I knew I was helping my teachers’

Adrian De La Cruz, an 11th-grade student at LAUSD/USC MAE Magnet School, epitomizes the movement growing out of East Los Angeles to support public education and stop privatization. With his mother and sisters, he was part of Reclaim Our Schools Los Angeles’s Leadership Action School.

We stand with Oakland

UTLA members went back on the picket lines before school on February 22 to show support for striking educators in Oakland and to demand action on two items that will help all California schools: increased per-pupil funding and an immediate cap on the unregulated growth of the charter industry.

Students remind us: Make the struggle beautiful

There were a dozen of us, and you could barely hear the song we were dancing to: Aretha Franklin’s “Think.” But there we were in front of Venice High, mostly in sync, definitely in the rain, decked in our finest red, dancing for public education and calling on our community, our city, our state, our entire nation, to think about what they were trying to do to us.


United Teachers Los Angeles
Join Jane McAlevey ( @rsgexp) in conversation with UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl as we celebrate the release of McAlevey's new book, A Collective Bargain: Unions, Organizing, and the Fight for Democracy. #UTLAStrong #1U #RedforEd <a href=""...
United Teachers Los Angeles
We have been striking for a whole week. Our demands are simple: fund the schools our students deserve. Our strike is strong because our lines are strong. Our union is strong because our members are strong. Our movement is strong because our community is strong. #UTLAStrong <a...
United Teachers Los Angeles
Mariachi #UTLA rally at Grand Park LA. Our educators and our communities are stronger together. We fight together, we make art together, we win together. #LAUSDStrike #UTLAStrong #WeAreLA