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LA School Voice May 20

LA School Voice Live! TODAY: Standing in for Alex is UTLA Elementary Vice President Gloria Martinez! Our guests today include 4 amazing women, one of which being newly elected LAUSD School Board member Jackie Goldberg! Tune in to hear about how vital it is for us to pass Measure EE and secure this funding for our children and our schools. #WeArePublicSchools #UTLAStrong

LA School Voice with Alex Caputo-Pearl May 13

LA School Voice Live with Alex Caputo-Pearl! TODAY: What happens when an outside charter company invades your school? Eastman Elementary teachers talk about their co-location reality. And a community organizer knocks on doors to win the game-changing $500 million in funding from Measure EE. #WeArePublicSchools #UTLAStrong

LA School Voice with Alex Caputo-Pearl May 6

We’re back with LA School Voice Live with Alex Caputo-Pearl! TODAY: Alliance charter teachers on why they fought to unionize, and teachers & parents on how Measure EE will be a game-changer for our students and schools. #WeArePublicSchools #UTLAStrong

LA School Voice with Alex Caputo-Pearl April 29

TODAY: charter moratorium bill clears hurdle, latest on retro & raise coming May 3, answers to Measure EE questions. GUESTS: Parents & teachers from Marina del Rey MS and Baldwin Hills ES share personal stories about how co-location hurts their students.

How Trump factors into California’s charter school wars

It’s tough being a charter school advocate in California these days. Not only are the schools facing fierce opposition from the Democratic-controlled Legislature, teachers unions and a governor whom their backers spent millions trying to keep out of office, they also have the most politically toxic ally possible in California state politics: President Donald Trump.

Co-location Fightback: Eastman elementary fights harm caused by EXTERA charter company

In the heart of the city of Carson in Southern California, a fight is brewing to save much-needed resources for students and the community. Catskill elementary classrooms and resources are being threatened by the charter company Ganas, Inc., which has initiated the process to co-locate onto the Catskill campus against the wishes of the community.

LA School Voice with Alex Caputo-Pearl April 22

Today’s LA School Voice Live with Alex: We build on our wins for much-needed school funding with Measure EE on June 14, with guest teacher Georgia Flowers-Lee. We double-down for BD5 candidate Jackie Goldberg, with educator Jennifer Villaroyo. We remain on front lines in fights against co-location and for charter accountability. #wearepublicschools #UTLAstrong

“They threw rocks at a wasp’s nest”

Widespread opposition to a charter company moving onto campus has sparked a fierce push-back from Catskill Elementary in Carson. Just as UTLA was heading into our strike, the Catskill community got wind that GANAS charter corporation had been offered space on their campus, threatening the well-rounded programs the school has built for their students.


United Teachers Los Angeles
It's hypocritical of the mayor to accuse us of having no sense of "urgency" while she and the CPS CEO have been doing a litany of interviews for weeks. While calling for 10-hour, 7-day a week bargaining sessions, neither has been to the table once.
United Teachers Los Angeles
The next time a billionaire like Zuckerberg uses "philanthropy" as an excuse to justify their greed, send them this video. The truth is that their "charity" is almost always structured in ways designed maintain and build their own power.
United Teachers Los Angeles
Excellent article bringing the student point of view on the strike by @CTULocal1 and @SEIU73. Guess how many students voiced @chicagosmayor's concern that their education is being disrupted by the strike, rather than underfunding?