Nuestra huelga de 6 días terminó con un contrato que incluye un nuevo camino para reinvertir y apoyar a nuestras escuelas públicas. Pero no podemos quedarnos satisfechos con el éxito de la huelga. Ahora es cuando debemos hacer aun mas esfuerzo  para un futuro sostenible para nuestras escuelas públicas. ¡Debemos defender nuestras victorias, financiar nuestras escuelas, construir nuestro movimiento y ser aún más fuertes!

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Challenges LAUSD Educators Face


The cost of living has risen 27% since 2008.

California is the richest state in the nation. Nonetheless, it ranks 44 out of 50 states in per-pupil spending.

California Student-to-Psychiatric Social Worker Ratio

Students TK-6 take more than 100 standardized tests in LAUSD


The 287% growth of the charter school industry in Los Angeles since 2008 drains nearly $600 million from our public schools every year.


🔥The video trailer is out now for the new book, "Black Lives Matter at School: An Uprising for Educational Justice"
This book contains numerous stories from educators and students.

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Bushnell Way teachers giving it their all to overcome hurdles of crisis distance learning and reach our youngest learners. #WeArePublicSchools #togetherwerisela

"When elected officials, media, and privatization organizations ask, “When are you going to open school?” we need to turn around and ask them: “When are you going to make it safe for our students?”" - @UTLA_NEAVP

#WeRiseTogether #UTLAStrong