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Let’s talk about what makes @drrivas2022 such a transformative candidate:

🌳 Green Spaces and Carbon-Free Schools
💰Historic Investments in our public education
👩‍🏫Fully Staffed Classrooms
📓Nurses, Therapists and Counselors at every school
Imagine if every school also provided family programming, after-school tutoring, and wrap-around services to community members.

That is the bold vision @drrivas2022 is championing alongside teachers, parents and the community.

Knock on doors with us:
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To all celebrating today, we wish you an easy fast and a meaningful holiday with loved ones. #YomKippur UTLAnow photo


Even when it's only 72 degrees outside, schoolyards can get as hot as 96 degrees in the sun🔥

#HotOrNot readings from Marianna Ave ES
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50 degree difference at Eastman ES 🫠🔥

Can we get some green space and shade at these schools??
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We have been taking readings on asphalt schoolyards, comparing the temperatures under the minimal tree shade we can find and in direct sunlight. These differences can be as large as 42 degrees! We need more trees on schoolyards to keep our students safe 👏👏