We are a union of more than 33,000 educators in the Los Angeles Unified School District, working side by side with parents and community allies to call for an investment in our neighborhood district schools through adequate and equitable funding to ensure that all our children have access to a truly high-quality public education.


The @NLRB has ruled that #amazon violated U.S. labor law as it fought a unionization campaign ( @BAmazonUnion) by warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama earlier this year. #1u #Solidarity https://t.co/5HRrkwul50
The #1619Project launched in August 2019, illuminates the legacy of slavery in the contemporary United States, and highlights the contributions of Black Americans to every aspect of American society. #TeachTruth

On this #GivingTuesday their is no greater financial investment in the struggle for Black lives than a donation to the national
@BLMAtSchool movement.
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Equity is essential, but a Student Center Funding formula could do more harm than good. It doesn't value neighborhood schools because all funding is portable. It will continue the trend of schools in Black and Brown communities losing students and... (1/2) https://t.co/dTomi2Zul8 ReclaimLASchls photo
LAUSD is proposing a dramatic change to how our schools are funded. The LAUSD school board will vote on this proposal on Tuesday, Sept. 14th. Please join us on Sept. 1 for our Town Hall discussion on how this new funding model will impact our traditional neighborhood schools. https://t.co/h2v3kXAfSx ReclaimLASchls photo