“If we don’t get the quality education that we need to succeed,
then we are being set up to fail,”

– Karen Calderon, a Hamilton High student

Defend Public Education

We believe public education has the ability to open doors to academic excellence, to address the economic, racial and social inequities in our society and to empower young people to think critically, be collaborative and change the world around them.

We believe that all students deserve access to a fully-funded, high-quality public education.

We believe that all publicly funded schools should have similar standards of transparency and accountability, equity and access for all students.

We believe parents, students and the public should help shape and transform their neighborhood schools to be truly community schools, locally grown and built by the neighborhood they serve.




Signs of @SMMCTA @UTLAnow solidarity at my daughter's school this morning. Santa Monica teachers, join us at the March for Public Education on 12/15! #utlastrong #strikeready https://t.co/JbbGuos5yM
One @UTLAnow member on the potential strike in LA: "I don’t want any of my students to feel like they’re lacking. I don’t want any of them to feel second class or anything. That is what I am fighting for." #UTLAstrong <a...
Teacher and @UTLAnow member Lisa Falco lays it out plain: The struggle for educational justice is a class struggle. We can't do it alone. https://t.co/fk9JmOS4Fe #utlastrong #readytostrike
United Teachers Los Angeles
#Repost @houseofblackhoneycomb ・・・ It’s official...... @tonythurmond2018 is the new Superintendent of Public Instruction for California 👏🏽😊🙅🏽‍♀️🙌🏽. Congrats and let’s continue to do great things for our students and public education!!! #tonythurmond #publiceducation #childrenarethefuture #bluewave...
United Teachers Los Angeles
#Repost @wearecta ・・・ It's OFFICIAL: #TonyThurmond is California's next Superintendent of Public Instruction!! Thanks to the power of public school educators and #TeamTony, Tony will be serving our 6 million students of California and supporting our public schools! 🎉🍏
United Teachers Los Angeles
Come get ready to drum for Public Education. We need people with diverse identities, backgrounds and abilities interested in playing to defend public education. Join us for our first rehearsal. #StopStarvingPublicSchool #📚 #📖 #📝 #🎓#utla #utlastrong #utlanow #redforeducation <a href="https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/StopTheBillionairePrivatizers"...