Feb. 17, 2017


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Anna Bakalis
UTLA Communications Director

UTLA Highlights the Work of Zimmer and Padilla, Exposes Billionaire Privatizers in Round Two of “We Are Public Schools” campaign

LOS ANGELES — In highlighting the work of pro-public education advocates like Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla, United Teachers Los Angeles this week has launched the second round of its “We Are Public Schools” campaign featuring the good work of public school educators and their supporters, which will extend through March.

From Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos in Washington, D.C. to Eli Broad and Richard Riordan here in L.A., the campaign also exposes a handful of billionaires who are unfairly influencing local elections and education policy. They also push efforts through the California Charter Schools Association to rapidly expand charter schools at the expense of our neighborhood public schools. From the ‘fight back’ section of the We Are Public Schools web site:

“Our elections should be determined by our communities, not outside money from billionaires with a sordid history of failed privatization schemes like Betsy DeVos, the Walton family and Eli Broad. It is about our students, parents and communities and deciding the best direction forward: Do we save public education or do we privatize it?”

The campaign includes more than 90 billboards, bulletins and bus benches. The outdoor ads are also up in Huntington Park, where the City Council voted last year to place a moratorium on opening additional charter schools. CCSA, which opposes the moratorium, has spent more money this year in Huntington Park than has been spent there in the last 10 years combined.

The ads are appearing online on the L.A. Times, Pandora radio, Univision, and the L.A. Daily News as well as on dozens of billboards, bus benches, and large posters. An example of a billboard reads: “Our Public Schools Provide: Transparency, Accountability, Access to All and Student Empowerment.”

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