UTLA Defends L.A. Public Schools Against The Billionaires – 09-05-16
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By Doug Cunningham

Los Angeles has the biggest charter school presence of any public school district in the country, with billionaires pushing an agenda to take money out of public schools and funnel it to private charter schools.

Cecily Myart-Cruz is the NEA Vice-President at United Teachers of Los Angeles. She says taking dollars from public schools is not the solution to public education problems.

[Cecily Myart-Cruz]: “No, that’s not solution driven, that’s agenda-driven. That’s profit driven. That’s looking at students as clients and dollar signs. And when you do that you take vital resources out of classrooms, out of schools. And then you’re left with nothing.”

UTLA has launched a media campaign focused on supporting public schools.

[Cecily Myart-Cruz]: “Very excited about our media campaign “We Are Public Schools”. We’re raising awareness and support for our public schools – because as you know they need to be fully funded. We’re also highlighting the great work of UTLA members, our parents, our students who support the neighborhood schools here.”


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