On November 8,

We Are Voting YES on Public Education

Two measures on the November 8 ballot will impact our classrooms directly. Proposition 55   is a vital extension of current tax rates to the wealthiest Californians to fund public education. Without it, we will slide back to recession-era cuts and layoffs. Proposition 58 would get rid of the “one size fits all” approach to teaching English and increase access for all students to multilingual education-a critical skill for the globalized world. Here are some key elements to both ballot measures:


Here’s what Prop. 55 will do:

  • Prevent an immediate $700 million in cuts to
  • Extend the current tax rates on the wealthiest 2 percent of Californians.
  • It will not increase
  • Prevent California schools losing $4 billion a
  • Help ease the teacher shortage for local school districts and reduce class sizes.


Here’s what Prop. 58 will do:

  • Preserve requirement that public schools ensure students become proficient in
  • Require school districts to solicit parent and community input in developing language acquisition programs to ensure English acquisition as rapidly and effectively as
  • Require that school districts provide students with limited English proficiency the option to be taught English nearly all in
  • Authorize school districts to establish dual-language immersion programs for both native and non-native English
  • Allow parents/legal guardians of students to select an available language acquisition program that best suits their