Our Platform

At the core of UTLA’s platform is a very basic concept: If public education is to survive and thrive in Los Angeles, it is time for us to call the question on why our schools are being starved.

It is simply not acceptable that California, as the fifth largest economy in the world, stands at 46th among the states in per-pupil funding. It is simply not acceptable that the second largest school district in the country, a crucial civic institution, has the highest class sizes in the country.

California is the richest state in the nation and the LA area has more millionaires and billionaires than any other in the country.

There is an undeniable truth — the money is here to fund our schools. The billionaires and rich corporations are keeping that money from us. And politicians are helping them do this. It is time to call the question on that cynical arrangement.

UTLA believes every child has a right to attend a high-quality Sustainable Community School in their neighborhood. With what is happening in the Trump/DeVos administration, it is more important than ever to prioritize the voices of our students, parents and community members here in Los Angeles, and fight back privatizers who seek to take over our school board, as well as local and state elections.

Our Four Pillars

Support Our Students

Safe, high-quality public schools are a right for all.

  • Reduce class sizes at all grade levels.
  • Hire more special education teachers and specialists to ensure that students with special needs get the attention and support they deserve.
  • Recruit more bilingual educators, invest in dual language programs, and ensure student access to ethnic studies, visual & performing arts, and career & technical education.
  • Hire more nurses, counselors, social workers, and teacher librarians.
  • Reduce the number of standardized tests used in the classroom and let teachers decide what works best for their students.

Empower Our Communities

Public schools are the anchors of the community.

  • Build Community Schools to expand parent engagement, broaden the curriculum, and increase social services at our highest-needs schools.
  •  Increase parent and educator decision making by giving local school leadership councils control over how funds are used at schools.
  • Require charter school operators authorized by the district to prove equal access, transparency, and due process rights for all parents and students.
  • Increase administrator accountability for school safety and discipline, and invest in positive behavior support through restorative justice.
  •  Use the district’s leverage and demands on civic leaders to make improvements in affordable housing, access to green space, immigrant rights, and other community issues.

Defend the Teaching Profession

Educators are everyday heroes; we must protect against attacks.

  •  Attract and retain high-quality educators through competitive salaries and quality healthcare.
  •  Invest in the adult education and early education teachers who serve our communities by giving them the same job protections and working conditions that other teachers receive.
  • Ensure that substitute teachers have healthy working conditions and are treated as essential contributors to the success of our students.

Fund the Future

Invest in our students and our schools.

  • Fund LA schools at $20,000 per pupil by the year 2020 = 20 by 20.
  • California ranks 46th in education funding yet is the richest state in the nation.
  • In the 6th largest economy in the world, and in the 2nd largest district in the country, the money is here for the schools our students deserve.