Imelda Padilla

“We must fight at the local, state and national level so that our public schools receive the fair funding they need in order to deliver a quality education. Every child deserves a great school with the right resources and well-trained teachers.”

Youth advocate

Larry Shoham

Educator, Hamilton High School, Los Angeles

Graduated Hamilton High School, the same school where he’s been teaching for 15 years.

“I would like to see more opportunities for teachers to collaborate and design instruction that meets the needs of all students. If there isn’t a real effort to serve all students, who are we serving?”

Sherlett Hendy Newbill

Educator, Dorsey High School, Los Angeles. Graduated Dorsey High School, the same school where she’s been teaching for 18 years.

“Our schools need support from our community. They must have faith in their local public school – it worked for me!”

Raissa White

Educator, LAUSD west-area schools

“We need to fight for school funding so that all arts programs can be expanded throughout the district.”


Roxana Dueñas

Educator, Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles

“As educators, we are committed to creating a rigorous and culturally relevant curriculum and experiences where our youth can develop as critical thinkers, who shape our communities, and our world.”

Kahllid A. Al-Alim

LAUSD Parent

“It is vital that we keep all schools – public and charter schools – accountable to the people in the neighborhoods they serve.”

Hilda Rodriguez-Guzman

Parent at Wallis Annenberg High School, an independent charter school

“Right now the district – which is made up of our public school system and our children – is losing money as charter schools grow.  LAUSD is estimated to lose more than a half-billion dollars to unregulated charter school growth just this year alone. This was never the idea.  At least not any idea I understood.  We can’t let the majority of our schools starve, so that a few special schools can do well.”

Isabel Martinez

Parent, Mendez High School, Boyle Heights

“To quote Nelson Mandela: Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

Gabriela Dueñas

Teacher Assistant, Ford Blvd. Elementary

“I am inspired by the possibilities of helping transform schools into spaces for critical thinking, hope and liberation.”

Oscar Reyes

Student – Age: 17

Linda Marquez High School, Huntington Park

School of Justice Academy

“Public schools should be monitored by the community that surrounds them. I wake up every morning, not motivated by money, but to study hard and eventually bring improvements back to my community.”


Quazi Jahaiara

Student – Age: 16

UCLA Community School, Los Angeles

“I don’t think public education should be something we fight for. It should be a right. Everyone deserves access to high-quality education. And just because someone has more money, doesn’t mean they should get a better education.”

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